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Residential Asbestos Removal Services in Oklahoma City, OK: Home Mold Removal & Safe Handling Services

Homes in Oklahoma City containing asbestos cause numerous risks for your family and yourself due to the potential release of asbestos into the air. For example, if a tenant in an older home decides to renovate and doesn’t hire a residential asbestos removal company, they can unknowingly disturb asbestos containing insulation or floor tiles. This can release asbestos fibers into the air, putting them at risk of respiratory issues. This is why it's essential to work with a licensed company like Stronghold Environmental to ensure effective and efficient residential asbestos removal for your Oklahoma City home and ensure your safety and that of your loved ones.

Certified Residential Asbestos Removal Company in Oklahoma City

Unknown places in your Oklahoma City property could contain asbestos, such as heating ducts, flooring, insulation, and electrical equipment. However, not all areas containing asbestos are visible or exposed. That's why it's crucial to collaborate with an expert residential asbestos abatement company to inspect and address all these potential areas. At Stronghold Environmental, our professionals in Oklahoma City are highly trained and skilled in identifying asbestos locations and collecting samples properly for residential asbestos testing. This approach minimizes the risk of false negatives or false positives.

Common Types of Asbestos Found in Oklahoma City Homes

Asbestos, a legal term encompassing multiple types of minerals, is classified by the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) as including the asbestiform varieties of certain minerals. Among these types in your Oklahoma City property is chrysotile (white asbestos), the most used form. Another type is amosite (brown asbestos), often used in cement sheets and pipe insulation, as well as insulating boards, ceiling tiles, and thermal insulation products. Additionally, crocidolite (blue asbestos) was commonly employed to insulate steam engines. However, utilizing a residential asbestos removal company in Oklahoma City for your projects is crucial because we understand all types od asbestos and possess the necessary measures to remove them effectively.

The Dos & Don’ts of Effective Residential Asbestos Removal

Our specialists in Oklahoma City utilize appropriate personal protective clothing during all our residential asbestos testing and removal projects. Our team in Oklahoma City opts for nonpowered hand tools such as hand saws or hand powered drills, as they generate minimal dust and produce coarser waste chips than power tools. Furthermore, to ensure effective residential asbestos abatement, we avoid using high pressure water jets, which could potentially spread loose fibers or dust. No matter the size of the issue you’re dealing with, you can feel confident that we’re using optimal strategies that have been proven in the past.

Environmental Services You Can Count On

Stronghold Environmental offers Oklahoma City homes and businesses modernized environmental services ranging from mold detection and removal to complete remodeling solutions if our team has found any harmful contaminant. Through state of the art equipment and abatement practices, we provide accurate quotes and streamlined service for reliable and affordable repairs for greater peace of mind. For one of the most comprehensive lists of environmental solutions in Oklahoma City, reach out to Stronghold Environmental today.

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