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Asbestos Removal in Broken Arrow, OK: Residential & Commercial Asbestos Testing, Remediation, Removal & Mitigation

Do you have asbestos in your home or business in Broken Arrow? Asbestos poses a serious threat if not handled by a certified asbestos removal company with a track record of excellence. At Stronghold Environmental, we use a laboratory for asbestos testing certified by AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association), with the primary purpose of asbestos sample analysis and asbestos evaluation for our Broken Arrow clients. All our asbestos inspections are incredibly detailed, and all estimates are free. When asbestos removal is done right, your home or company will once again be a safe place to live or work.

Worker during the removal of the asbestos

Experienced Asbestos Removal Company in Broken Arrow

Asbestos is hard to get rid of and is exceptionally resistant to fire and heat. Prolonged exposure to asbestos causes adverse health effects, and an experienced asbestos removal company is required to ensure the safety of your Broken Arrow commercial or residential space. Proper asbestos abatement takes the right equipment to do the right way, equipment that only professional companies will have in Broken Arrow. If you're planning a demolition at your Broken Arrow commercial or residential property, removing asbestos is a must.

Accurate Asbestos Testing in Broken Arrow

At Stronghold Environmental, we have been offering Broken Arrow homes and businesses accurate asbestos testing since 2017. When we arrive at your place for asbestos screening, we remove all the furnishings and securely seal off the entire contaminated area. You cannot find out if you have asbestos with the naked eye; your findings must be sent out to a lab to be accurately analyzed. Once the lab is finished, we will inform you of their results and what to do next.

Your Hazardous Material Removal Specialists

Stronghold Environmental is a veteran-owned contractor with over 50 years of combined experience in the environmental and construction business.

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Efficient Asbestos Abatement and Removal in Broken Arrow

Asbestos in your Broken Arrow home or business is a major inconvenience, which is why we render asbestos abatement and elimination as efficiently as possible. Asbestos removal is never something that should be waited on, as it is highly toxic and causes a variety of health problems. The harmful elements of asbestos come from the dust, and it's most often found in flooring, concrete, popcorn ceilings, insulation, ductwork, and more.

Environmental Services You Can Count On

Stronghold Environmental offers Broken Arrow, OK homes and businesses modernized environmental services ranging from mold detection and removal to complete remodeling solutions if our team has found any harmful contaminant. Through state of the art equipment and abatement practices, we provide accurate quotes and streamlined service for reliable and affordable repairs for greater peace of mind. For one of the most comprehensive lists of environmental solutions in Broken Arrow, OK, reach out to Stronghold Environmental today.

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